My parents raised me on the one fundemental principle of live and let live, to value every life no matter how small. It taught me compassion, and empathy, to have this an intrinsic love for all animals.

So, when I took a trip a bee farm in Connecticut and saw a beekeeper 'cleaning out his hives,' I realized that meant taking piles of dead bees that didn't make it through the winter, and throwing them into the bushes. I still relive this moment and left the farm with one purpose, to save our bees. I went back to the research lab at my highschool and after 3 full years of working late nights, weekends, and holidays - HiveGuard treatment was created. With over half a million users on waitlist and growing, I think we've created something truly monumental!

But the work is far from over, and honeybees continue to face many existential threats. That's why I created HiveGuard, where 51% of all profits go to reseaarch to develop more treatments to help save the bees. Although the work is far from over, we're one step closer. Thank you for your support. The bees and I are forever grateful! 🐝💕